COVID-19 Response 

Ensuring we keep you safe.

The Coronavirus Pandemic made a huge impact on how we at YMCA Tayside were able to deliver our work and interact with young people. However, as lockdown restrictions ease and working face-to-face is now permitted, we are excited to be working with young people and are eager to see the positive changes this will bring. As a result, YMCA Tayside and its staff are committed to maintaining a Covid-safe workplace. As a result we will be following guidelines provided by Youth Link Scotland which you can find here.

 Face To Face Working 

In person Youth Work returns.

YMCA Tayside is back to working with young people, staff and volunteers on a face-to-face basis. This will continue unless lockdown restrictions and Youth Link Scotland’s guidelines change.

Working face-to-face during the pandemic means taking additional safety precautions which YMCA Tayside staff are passionate about ensuring. This includes the use of masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing when physically possible.

We are excited to see the positive interactions that will take place as we are able to meet with young people in person and hope that with this change we can offer additional support and opportunities.

 Safety During Drop Ins 

Maintaining Covid Safety.

We have a number of weekly drop ins taking place in the GAP space which is situated below our offices. This is a large space over two floors which allows substantial room to allow young people and staff to maintain a safe distance from one another. As safety is a huge priority to YMCA Tayside, on arrival we ensure that young people accessing the space provide us with their details, as well as having their temperature checked.

In line with Youth Link Scotland guidelines, our drop ins will include a certain number of young people so as to ensure that physical distancing can be respected at all times. And with a number of different drop ins taking place, and at varying times, this ensures that all young people can attend a drop in that works for them and that keeps everyone safe.

 Activities and drop ins 

Providing young people with opportunities.

Being able to work with young people face-to-face has been a huge success. As a result we have a number of different drop ins and opportunities taking place including our Friday night drop in, Creative Space programme, Y’s Girls Mentoring and Wednesday Job Club. We have been able to organise and carry out these programmes in a Covid-safe manner and the plan is to continue doing so.

Young people seem to be thoroughly engaged and making the most of the facilities we have to offer which is great to see.

 Help and Advice 

Contact us if you need support.

Our staff and Youth Workers have returned to their normal working hours. YMCA Tayside and staff are reachable by telephone, email, in person or online via our social media platforms. We would be happy to assist you with any potential queries or questions that you may have, so feel free to get in touch.