Faith Based Work 

Journeying in faith together

As a Christian organisation it is important we provide opportunities for young people to explore Christianity and help them make informed choices around faith. What this looks like can be different throughout the year but our staff are always happy to talk about the big questions and support young people on their faith journeys.

As a staff team we start each week with a Bible Study to set us up well for the week ahead.

 Joint Events 

Worshipping together with partners

Every now and again we’ll get our partner organisations together for an evening of teaching and worship. We believe it’s important to bring people together to sing to and learn about God and these evenings have a great atmosphere and have been a joy to host.

 Conversations of Faith 

Led by our staff, the sessions are welcoming, approachable, and designed to promote conversation rather than just force one worldview. Come along and join in the discussion.

Each week we meet to chat about Christianity and the Bible, looking at topics and questions asked about by young people. The numbers in the group fluctuate as people move along in their journey of faith but it’s important to us that the space is there for those who want it.