About Us 

YMCA Tayside is committed to providing opportunities for young people across Tayside.

Change, for most of us, happens because of the people we know; friends, family, school friends and work mates – they all affect who we are.  Relationships matter to us. Building relationships is what we do at YMCA Tayside.

You know someone better when you do something together.  At YMCA Tayside, we offer the chance to do different activities together; building relationships and impacting lives.

All of the volunteers and staff at YMCA Tayside put their time and energy into empowering young people to engage in positive relationships with us and with other young people.

Most of the time our young people just need somewhere to go; a place where they can meet and get to know each other.  This is why we can be found in so many different places; The Y Centre – YMCA’s own premises in the City Centre – in local schools, out and about in town, and in local churches running youth groups.

YMCA Tayside is also connected with YMCA’s across the world through YMCA Scotland, YMCA Europe and YMCA International. This means that we are able to offer opportunities and have access to resources far beyond our capacity as a small charity. As part of this global movement, we have ties all over the world that are accessible by our young people to explore far beyond their own backyards through volunteer programmes, leadership conferences and the direct connections that have been made.

 Our Staff Team 

A dedicated small team with big ambitions for young people!

All of the volunteers and staff at YMCA Tayside put their time and energy into making good relationships happen for young people and with young people. We have a dynamic staff team catering to the needs of our young people.

 Annual Report 2022 

2022 has been a very challenging year for young people all over Tayside. We have had to adapt to continue to meet the needs of the community and in doing so have still achieved positive results for the young people we serve.

 Our Business Plan 

Our sustainable plan for the futre

We have taken the time to carefully put together a business plan for the organisation. Take the time to read it and see how we operate and plan to sustain our work for the future.