Chief Executive

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Mob: 07545 424519
Email: jill@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Jill's Story...

Jill began her career in the Third Sector in 1994 where she managed a Social Enterprise Travel Agency in Glasgow whilst leading an ESF programme in HMP Barlinnie.

She has extensive experience in a variety of sectors encompassing addiction, disability, youth justice and employment.

Before joining the YMCA in 2006, Jill worked for The National Autistic Society where she established and managed a unique employment consultancy for individuals on the autism spectrum. As an accredited NAS trainer, she then delivered training to professionals in this model throughout the UK.

In 2011 Jill co- developed and secured the first Social Impact Bond in Scotland through The Department for Work and Pensions, Innovation Fund. She is keen to continue to explore innovative ways of securing long term funding for the third sector.

Jill is a trustee of YMCA Scotland, she sits on the YMCA International Committee and is part of the planning group of YMCA Unify Europe.

Passionate about supporting and empowering young people, she feels privileged to work alongside such a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and board members.


Head of Development

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Mob: 07557 676094
Email: franny@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Franny's Story...

Franny has over 20 years experience of professional youth work, training and educational opportunities and has overseen church partnership developments for a decade, through this experience he has gained valuable insight into initiating, developing and sustaining youth opportunities in a variety of settings whilst ensuring all necessary resources are secured in the process. His extensive experience and enthusiasm drives our staff team towards success.


Business & Enterprise Manager

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Mob: 07717 692399
Email: barry@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Barry's Story...

Barry started as the Prince’s Trust team leader in August 2012, having come from a background of teaching, voluntary youth development work and sports coaching.

As well as delivering the Prince’s Trust Team programme, he is also the manager of the Y-PAT and Y-Bounce social enterprises. Away from work, he’s involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme in Perthshire, works with the local Young Carers group and is coach for Perthshire Colts Rugby team.

He is married with three children and enjoys a wide range of outdoor sports and has a passion for cycling, kayaking, canoeing and hillwalking. Barry is inspired by helping people find the best in themselves.


Office & Finance Manager

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Mob: 07545 702484
Email: tony@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Tony's Story...

Tony first got involved with our YMCA back in 2005. He started as a young volunteer and eventually moved on to study Youthwork whilst completing a 3 year work placement with YMCA Tayside. Since completing his degree, he has been working fulltime as a youth worker and has been involved in running many projects over his many years as a YMCA employee.

Originally from Swaziland in Southern Africa, he has been involved in the YMCA for almost as long as he has been in Scotland. Apart from adding to the international diversity of our team he also brings multimedia skills to our team with his knowledge in graphic design and film editing.

Matthew D.

Senior Youth Worker

Tel: 01738 580001
Mob: 07702 307071
Email: matthew@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Matthew's Story...

Matthew, originally from The Kingdom of Eswatini in Africa, relocated to Scotland in 2004. While exploring various career options, he came realised that the enjoyable and fulfilling opportunities given to him through volunteering the YMCA aligned with his aspirations and he was keen to do more.

In 2013, Matthew began his journey with the YMCA and has steadily progressed to become one of our Senior Youth Workers responsible for all our Employability & Skills Development opportunities.

As a senior youth worker with the Y, Matthew is deeply dedicated to empowering young people to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

When not at work Matthew will often be found spending time with those closest to him, playing sport or enjoying a good game of rugby on TV.


Trainee Youth Worker

Tel: 07786 120887
Email: liam@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Liam's story...

Liam started his role of trainee youth worker with YMCA Tayside on May 1st and is excited about what this job means for him and his interests. Originally from Aberfeldy, Liam now lives in Dundee. His main passions in life include ensuring he maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle and working alongside young people. He hopes to combine these two passions and inspire young people to stay healthy and active.

Matthew M.

Youth Worker

Tel: 01738 580001
Mob: 07553 030464
Email: matthewmalloch@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Matthew's Story...

I grew up in a little farming town in the South West of Scotland, before moving to Aberdeen for a few years for an attempt at university, and then to Perth for work.

Before working for the YMCA I worked in supported housing for people who were struggling with mental health problems. In my spare time, I play lots of boardgames with friends, volunteer with Scripture Union and my local community group, and read a bunch too.

I enjoy working with computers and am fairly hand with technology

At the YMCA I lead the partnership with North Muirton Community Hall, our faith based work, and work on the Universal youth work we deliver from our premises in the city centre.


Youth Worker

Tel: 07551 728112
Email: mWebster@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Webster's story...

Matthew joined the YMCA in November 2021. Matthew is from Perth, Scotland and as a young person he attended multiple youth projects in Perth including a number of YMCA projects. He feels that attending these clubs helped him learn and grow and hopes to do the same for young people.

He is currently working in one of our Church Partnerships with Kinnoull Parish Church and involved in employability projects with the Y along with various other projects.


Trainee Youth Worker

Tel: 07788 928085
Email: layla@ymcatayside.com

A bit of Layla's story...

Layla has been involved with the YMCA since 2014, with her journey beginning at one of our local church partnership youth groups when she was in P6. Layla progressed to the Youth Committee at the Junior youth club and then also attended the Teen Drop-In, securing a position on the Teen Committee. Layla has always had a strong desire to pursue a career in Youthwork, based largely on her positive experience and her passion to help young people. 

Now Layla works as a youth worker with us, running Craigie and Moncrieffe youth group and helping with our universal work.