Y Innovate 

Full STEAM ahead. Science Technology Engineering Art & Maths.

We are a Digital Skills hub for young people. Our project brings a multitude of digital learning opportunities into one place and is accessible to young people with a variety of different needs. This isn’t like school or college. It’s an informal way to learn new skills in a relaxed youth focused environment.

Our Y Innovate space has a range of different technologies on offer for young people to try out. While there are often sessions to come along to for some more formalised instruction, we’d love to have young people in working on their own projects, using our space and equipment. Come along and learn a valuable new skill!

 Graphic Design 

Digital art equipment

We have several computers with Photoshop and drawing tablets ready to go for young people to let their artistic skills show.

Graphic design is a highly desired skill in many sectors, but can also be a relaxing hobby. With loads of tutorials available online anyone can learn how to design with some time and effort.

 3d Printing 

Bring your designs to the real world

3d modelling and printing can seem daunting at first, but with simple programs like TinkerCAD it’s easier than ever to start designing.

We won’t charge you for filament or printing time as you get to grips with it so don’t worry if things don’t come out perfectly, tweak some settings and try again!

 Simple Robotics 

Learning to program in a tactile way

With more and more robots being used in the world, it’s important to have a grasp on how they work. Using either our Sphero Bolt robots or our boxes of STEM Lego are really fun ways to introduce yourself to block programming and then eventually traditional programming.

 Vinyl Printing 

Design custom clothing!

Vinyl printing is a key part of clothing manufacturing, and you can try it here! Using a program called Inkscape you an learn how to turn pictures on your computer into material you can press onto a shirt, hoody, or bag. One of our most popular technologies as you get something to show off at the end of it.

 Laser Cutting, VR, and more 

Everything Else

As well as all the above we have a bunch of VR headsets for gaming and online meetings, a laser cutter for engraving designs, a host of film and audio equipment for budding content creators, and sometimes PC building courses too.

If anything you’ve read here sounds interesting please get in touch to have a go.