Schools Work 

Raising attainment for young people across Perth & Kinross

YMCA Tayside is committed providing new and innovative attainment opportunities for young people in Perth & Kinross who may be struggling to achieve their full potential within a traditional classroom environment. By providing a variety of different learning opportunities with attainable micro-credentials we aim to close the attainment gap between the most and least disadvantaged young people.

All of our provision incorporates accreditation at a variety of different levels with tailored support from our dedicated experienced youth work staff. From Hi5 and Dynamic Youth Awards to Paddle Start awards and SQA accreditation, we can offer local schools unique attainment options for their pupils.

 Employability & Enterprise 

Unlocking young people's entrepreneurial spirit

For over a decade our Employability & Enterprise course has been very successful in engaging young who are at risk of underachieving. Pupils develop employability and enterprise skills whilst having fun and gain recognised accreditation for their work, the course is delivered at SCQF level 4. This fun and interactive opportunity is modelled around the popular tv shows “The Apprentice” & “Dragons Den” and encourages young people to develop their very own business idea and uses their investors capital to run a successful business event, give to a local charity and make a profit for themselves.

 S.T.E.A.M. Activities 

Science | Technology | Engineering | Art | Maths

Within our custom designed multimedia suite we are able to offer young people a variety of different learning opportunities to improve their digital skills. Over the years we have developed unique, interactive ways for young people to engage with digital technologies and achieve accreditation. We run courses that incorporate programming, graphic design, photography & sound editing all within the activity of creating a video game.

 Outdoor Adventure 

Taking attainment opportunities into the great outdoors

For some learners, being indoors is never going to be the best way for them to unlock their true potential. That is why we became an AALA approved centre (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority) and began offering outdoor opportunities to improve skills and gain accreditation. From Orienteering and Bush craft skills to Canyoning and Canoeing there is a wealth of unique opportunities available. Every young person also has the opportunity to walk away with a Paddle Start Award.

 Aspirational Thinking Courses 

Developing Effective Thinking Skills

Aspirational Poverty is a detrimental factor to young people's successful progress in education. Over the years our Aspirational Thinking courses have tackled these issues and allowed young people to better understand how their minds work and where their self image and belief systems come from. by raising young people's ambitions through this course we have seen improvements in a number of other areas within their lives including, mental health and well being, goal setting and overall participation in other opportunities.

 Mentoring & Life Coaching 

Offering One to One support

YMCA Tayside has been providing mentoring support to young people for over a decade through various programmes such as, Plusone Mentoring, Y's Girls Mentoring and Youthworks Mentoring. Mentoring has been proven to address some of the challenges and barriers to young people's engagement in the education system as well as improve young people readiness for learning. We have also improved our one to one provision offering a fully qualified Life Coach for pupils in S4 and up to better prepare for exams and plan for the future.

Interested in any of the opportunities above?

We would be happy to discuss what YMCA Tayside can offer your school. If you would like more information or if you would like to register your interest in any of the provision we offer, please get in touch.