Youth Voice  

Amplifying the voices of young people.

Youth Voice consists of a group of passionate and capable young people who seek to have more representation for themselves and for other young people in their community. Their goal is to represent young people, as well as communicate their needs and wants. This is done by reaching out and communicating with young people in the local area and conducting surveys.

When this has been completed, our Youth Voice team feedback this information to us. It is from this moment that we are able to prioritise the needs of young people and implement changes that will positively impact them.

 Helping lead our YMCA 

Teaching young people that their opinion matters.

Youth Voice lets young people in the community know that their opinions, thoughts, beliefs and wishes are important and that they matter to us. As a result, members of our Youth Voice team are comfortable when vocalising their thoughts and have an increased amount of confidence and fantastic communication skills.

We aim to encourage young people to care about their community and to feel confident in speaking their minds, Youth Voice allows this to happen.

 Past Projects 

What they’ve been up to

Over the years our Youth Voice group have led on several projects, including a Perthshire wide youth conference, presentations to school guidance staff, working with Young Scot on national initiatives, providing food and a space to be heard to disenfranchised young people, and more!