Y Family 

Since 1995, YMCA Tayside have worked to establish positive, trustful relationships with disengaged and vulnerable young people.

Each year, we engage with 350 young people who can often be challenging in their behaviour and chaotic in their lifestyle, so our primary focus on establishing relationships is fundamental to all of our engagement.

Over the years our young people have often referred to us as ‘their YMCA family’. This got us thinking: what does that really mean to them? What does a real nurturing family look like? Remember: for many of our young people, their experience of family has not been a positive one.

So we started to wonder:  If we were able to, how could we create the structure of the ultimate YMCA family, and what exactly would this YMCA family look like? We came to the conclusion that the ideal family would support the healthy development of mind, body and spirit. The services we offer reflect this, and we need your help to ensure this work continues.

Become a Corporate Y Family Member

As a corporate Y Family member, you will not only be empowering our young people to reach their potential, you will also have access to a variety of perks offered by both the YMCA and its social enterprises.

Become an Individual Y Family Member

You can join the family by either giving a one-off gift, or setting up a regular donation.

Join a Church Partnership

Contact us to become one of our congregational family members, or learn more about our church partnerships here.

Our Y Family Members Nurture us.