Welcome to YMCA Tayside

We are passionate about empowering young people.

This empowerment takes many forms, depending on the young person and their stage in life. For some, it is simply providing a safe space to grow and develop. For others, it may be offering employability programmes to help  build a positive future, and for others it is meeting and supporting them in their own communities.

We provide a variety of youth work services and support programmes to young people aged 8-25, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes those who require early intervention, those who are underachieving, those who have addiction issues, offender’s and those who have become homeless.

At YMCA Tayside we consider each individual young person and how we can best support them to take their next step.


We are a Digital Skills hub for young people. Our project brings a multitude of digital learning opportunities into one place and is accessible to young people with a variety of different needs.

Universal Youth Work

Universal Youth Work is open to all young people aged 11 to 19 and provides spaces for the young people meet, socialise and to be themselves.

Church Partnerships

Creating effective partnerships with the local church and wider community. For each church partnership, we hire a part-time youth worker who is managed and offered support by YMCA Tayside to develop the youth work in that community.

Y’s Girls Mentoring Support Night

Our Y’s Girls Mentoring programme has been hugely successful and we have seen a huge amount of interest from potential volunteers and individuals who are eager to get involved. As a result we now have a total of 22 Y’s Girls volunteers…
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Excitement Builds At Y Centre Progress

Excitement is continuing to build as plans for the soon to be new Y Centre begin to take shape. YMCA Tayside staff and young people are equally excited about what opportunities will be available when the new Y Centre is finally able…
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