Y Blended Coffee 

YMCA Tayside proudly announces the launch of its latest initiative under their "Meaningful Work Pillar," Y Blend Coffee is designed to enable and empower individuals within the community by providing access to meaningful employability training opportunities.

 Developed with Young People 

The blend itself has been developed by YMCA Tayside staff and young people and is produced in partnership with ‘The Bean Shop’, based in Perth Scotland, providing the best speciality coffee beans, roasting them with care and skill, so the customers can experience the superb aromas and distinctive flavours of the exceptional coffee beans. The Y Blend is the only blend of its kind, which has the potential to travel all over the world, with all profits being invested directly back into the charity enabling them to continue to support over 800 young people per year.

 Helping Young People 

In today's fast-paced world, finding meaningful work can be a challenge for many. Recognising this need, YMCA Tayside has committed to fostering a supportive environment where young people can explore, develop, and pursue careers that align with their passions and values. In this case young people will be at the heart of roasting and developing the blend as well as marketing it and selling it, giving them valuable experience to develop entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, young people will become trained baristas through our skills academies, which will result in further opportunities to gain sustainable employment.

 Purchase Yours Today 

Available in Bean or Ground form, and shipped via Royal Mail, we hope you enjoy your coffee.

We are happy to ship our coffee to you if you live outside the United Kingdom, however shipping rates may vary.

We've provided a handy contact form for you below, simply let us know how much you'd like to buy and we'll get back to you with a cost.