Before starting work with the Prince’s Trust Tyler was in a difficult place. He was struggling to find the motivation to plan for the future and did not feel very positive about it. He found it difficult to socialise and spent a lot of time at home. He heard about our two-week Youth Guarantee programme and decided to give it a try. At the end of the two weeks he decided to take the opportunity to move on to our 12-week personal development team programme.

Tyler was very nervous about starting this but wanted to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the programme to help develop his confidence, develop his team working skills and start making plans for his future. He also knew that the structure of the programme could help get him in to a positive routine.

The programme started on Zoom as the team were unable to meet face to face due to COVID, after a few meetings Tyler’s anxieties started to subside as he got to know the rest of the team better. Eventually the team started meeting face to face and he noticed that this helped everyone become even closer. They did sessions together surrounding employability, money management, digital skills, health and wellbeing and much more. Tyler really enjoyed the session that was about dealing with anxiety, as the team members were able to share some experiences and coping techniques.

Tyler says that the most important part of team for him was the outdoor activities week: “The outdoor activities helped to develop my confidence. This was a big part of team. I was most scared about doing these activities but it turned out to be my favourite part”.

Since completing team, Tyler has noticed a big change in himself. He finds it much easier to socialise as he has been able to cope with his anxiety. He feels as though his mental health has improved as he has been able to get into a positive routine. Before team he did not leave his house very often and now he is feeling much more motivated to go out and get things done. He would like to become a youth worker and has made plans for getting in to this.
“Team has made me more confident within myself and around others. The biggest change in myself is that I am optimistic, organised and less anxious when I’m in stressful situations”.