Our amazing group of proactive young people who reflect the ideas of other individuals their age, Youth Voice, are to be hosting their own conference next month named the Future Focus Conference.

During this meeting, young people will discuss impact and changes they want to see happen surrounding three of their chosen topics. These are climate change, mental health and discrimination. These three topics have been chosen as they are deemed important to a large number of young people across Perth and Kinross and to the young people in our Youth Voice group!

The conference itself was an idea put forth by the young people in Youth Voice and will take place  at St Johns Community Campus during the Easter Holidays [6th of April]  so that we can maximise the number of young people who are able to attend. We are aiming to get 80 young people from across Perth and Kinross to come along.

For the event, Youth Voice have taken all aspects of organisation into their own hands and have been involved in putting all of the presentations together, organising the budget and arranging the catering. Youth Voice also met with individuals who they want as speakers at their conference and delivered their pitch which went very successfully!

As a result, guest speakers include those from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and the Lighthouse for Perth, as well as Thomas Glenn who is the CEO of Perth and Kinross Council who will give a key note speech.

We are also partnering with various local organisations as part of this event, including KYTHE, Breathe, AYP, Kinross High and Perth High.

We feel this will be an especially positive and important event that will highlight the needs, wants and changes that young people across Perth want to see. As a youth organisation we are thrilled to see the voiced of young people being heard and we encourage our youth Voice team to share their views and their insights on these important topics!

Matthew Malloch, A youth worker who facilitates Youth Voice, commented, “The Youth voice guys have worked really hard and it is fantastic to see all of these partner organisations and the support from the council and various other groups to all come together to really want to hear what young people have to say in Perth and Kinross.”

Good luck to the Youth Voice team!