AY started to come along to youth club when we first started and was quite shy and didn’t really speak much.  AY has kept coming along each week and has now got to know the youthwork team really well. This has resulted in AY opening up about her life and feeling more comfortable and confident in the group. AY has shown an interest in the youth club and what we do, so she interviewed to become a part of the youth committee as the chair. AY has taken this role very seriously and the other young people and committee members respect her. AY always turned up early and is happy to stay late to help us. AY is a great team player and has lots of great ideas for the youth club activities, snacks and community events. For example, AY and the committee are helping at our family fun day in September. AY has been attending the junior youth group for 2 years and is excited to move up to the teen youth group to continue her journey.