Here at YMCA Tayside we are passionate about delivering a variety of digital learning opportunities to young people and so we are thrilled to be running our Coding Club again!

Our Coding Club is a fantastic way for young people who have an interest in coding, to learn more about the subject and to get a hands on experience on what skills it takes to create their very own computer game!

Each Coding Club is comprised of three sessions which take place on a weekly basis and are ran by Jonathan who is our Programmes Assistant. Over the course of the three sessions, Jonathan will help the young people involved learn how to make their own maze game which is played using arrow keys on a keyboard. Young people can personalise their maze, colours, background and player icon! The game is a simple design which allows young people to get a taste of the game building process.

The club is beginner friendly and encourages young people with a number of different skillsets to come along! Jonathan also does his best to ensure that everyone is on the same step and is ready to move on before doing so! And, if someone does happen to possess a more advanced skillset then they can add more complex effects to their game!

This is a great opportunity for young people to learn basic computer programming and is also a really nice way for them to meet other young people who have the same interests! Other skills up for grabs include designing, programming and writing lines of code!

Young people can also find out through our Coding Club if coding is something that they may want to pursue more seriously. This provides a stepping stone for young people to learn more and to explore their own unique interests in an environment that is relaxed and welcoming!

In our first coding club of the year we had five people attend and they all had a great time! YMCA Tayside hopes to run another Coding Club soon!