Our Junior Youth Club restarted in October 2021 after a significant pause due to Covid. Despite a break in the running of this youth club, on our first night we had more than 25 young people attend which was both a brilliant and encouraging turnout!

Layla Riddoch, one of the youth workers who helps run this youth club says, “I think an exciting part of the night is seeing all the young people queuing outside as you can see that they are raring to get through the doors. They never want to leave at the end of the night which is really reassuring as it shows they’re having a great time!”

This youth group takes place in Moncrieffe Church hall every Tuesday night for P6s and P7s and provides a large space for young people to have fun, meet other young people and to gain support if needed.

Volunteers and staff deliver organised games such as dodgeball, man hunt, blink murder and hide & seek which are all thoroughly enjoyed by the young people taking part. As well as organised games, the Junior Youth Club has also hosted themed nights with their most recent themed event being a pyjama night which took place this month!

Young people are also given free time to socialise, make friends or to have some chill-out time which can be had in the quiet area of the church hall! 

The junior youth club is also going to be founding their own committee soon as a way to get young people more involved in the planning and preparation process of the youth club sessions! This will give young people the opportunity to take on some responsibility, to pick up new skills and to share ideas about what young people would like to see in future sessions!