Y Xplore provides immersive opportunities for young people who are passionate about reconnecting with nature and taking part in activities that take them outside, and into, the great outdoors. Combined with a passion for youth work, YMCA Tayside’s highly trained staff will accompany young people to take part in a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities.

Activities are wide-ranging and can be altered to suit the needs of young people who want to get involved. For young people who want to take on more physically demanding activities, canyoning, climbing and canoeing will be available. Alternatively, there are an assortment of less physically challenging activities that promote relaxation, self-awareness and the learning of new skills such as wilderness therapy, life coaching and bushcraft.

Y Xplore is able to make the most of our location with us being the gateway to the Highlands. Additionally, as an Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), this means we have the capacity to deliver captivating and unique outdoor experiences to young people across Tayside.

Whilst working with young people in the great outdoors, our main aim is to encourage them to become reacquainted with nature and to take part in experiences that help to develop the mind, body and spirit. Taking part in Y Xplore will provide an enjoyable and challenging experience as it encourages young people to explore themselves and the environment around them.

We look forward to empowering young people in the great outdoors and being with them as they work on improving their health and wellbeing, making positive steps and overcoming new challenges.