YMCA Tayside is set to begin its Y’s Girls Mentoring Programme this month! This is an exciting prospect for both staff and volunteers, as well as the young girls who will receive support.
The Y’s Girls Mentoring Programme is run nationally and is funded by the DCMS Tampon Tax Fund and has been designed to replicate the PlusOne Mentoring programme. The aim of the programme is to encourage resilience and confidence in young girls and to prevent any significant mental health issues from further escalating. YMCA Tayside hopes that the programme will inspire the young girls referred to reach their full potential and to develop their interests. They will have the opportunity to grow their confidence by socialising with their mentor who they will meet weekly.
As part of the programme, a trained adult volunteer will be paired with a young girl between the ages of nine and fourteen, based on their shared interests. This role is delivered on a voluntary basis and sees mentors spend 1.5 – 2 hours with their young person each week. In this time, the two can get to know each other and organise fun activities together. This role requires a one-year commitment to ensure consistency for the young person and allows enough time for trust to be built between the two.
YMCA Tayside are hopeful about this project and the impact it will have and are always looking to recruit new volunteers. This role will give you the opportunity to help a young girl in the local area which will provide an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience.
More information can be found online on YMCA Tayside’s website.

Alternatively, individuals interested in this volunteering opportunity can contact YMCA Tayside’s Y’s Girls Project Coordinator, Alyxs Dellaquaglia, on 01738580001 or via email at alyxs@ymcatayside.com